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Each all-natural, chemical-free Leafyhead lotion, potion, cream, salve, and spritzer is made with love in small batches.

Tricia's light touched so many lives, in so many different ways -- through yoga and theater, farming and counseling, love and laughter, family and friendship. Her death is a heartbreaking loss for our community. Orders for Leafyhead LLC products are temporarily on hold; remaining inventory will be available for sale, with proceeds supporting charitable causes in her honor.


Field to Face: Healing Herbs

Leafyhead Lotions & Potions is a “field to face” product line: most of the healing herbs used in these products are grown locally and organically in Washington, DC by herbalist Tricia McCauley; Tricia also formulates and creates the products.

These products are created to support your body from the outside using the gentle healing power of herbs. Oils and butters made from plants soothe and moisten your skin. Leaves, roots, and flowers such as plantain, comfrey, and chamomile can help the body to reduce inflammation and encourage tissue healing. The scents of pure essential oils can relax, uplift, and even encourage nerve growth in the brain.

The base of most of these lotions and salves is almond oil infused with chamomile flowers. Chamomile has been shown to reduce inflammation and to support tissue healing. Tricia grows the chamomile, harvests and dries the flowers, and infuses them in almond oil. Our lotions and creams are formulated without glycerin, so they’re not greasy. They are dense, though, so a little goes a long way.  

Each product is hand-made in small batches with love.  For real.

All-Natural Benefits

Many commercial body products contain chemical surfactants, preservatives, and perfumes, which can keep down costs and extend shelf life, but which also may have negative health effects. Chemicals can be absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream, or they can irritate and inflame the surface of the skin outright. The health warnings can be terrifying and overwhelming – parabens, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, DEA, oh my!

Leafyhead products contain no unnecessary ingredients and no harsh chemicals. Everything is organic and food-grade whenever possible. Our scents are created using only pure essential oils, never synthetic perfumes. All our ingredients are fully disclosed, and you are welcome to read more about them, or contact us with questions.

All-Natural Eccentricities

The down-sides of all-natural? Leafyhead creams and lotions will not last forever on a shelf – and we think that’s a good thing! Creams and lotions are guaranteed for 1 year from date of purchase, and they will last longer if they spend time in the refrigerator. Salves, salts, and spritzers will last for a long, long time. Dried herbs and oils will last a year or more if properly stored (in a cool dark place).

Another down-side: lotions and creams may “separate” a bit: you may be able to see some essential oils inside the jar. No worries, just mix them back in if you like.

Lotion-making is a delicate business – it won’t work in the humid summers of Washington DC, or even if the weather weather is threatening rain. The emulsification process that binds oil and water needs clear weather and low humidity, so Leafyhead lotions and creams are created for the winter holiday season and again in the spring. This means we might run out of some products over the summer, and can’t create custom orders during the summer months.

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